What is Stream Machine?

Lightning fast, Privacy Secured, Customer Data - you can actually use

Stream Machine is a data processing platform, that ensures that collected data from a source is compliant with all well known privacy regulations, such as GDPR. We strive to help you to collect customer data in real-time with privacy and usability built-in.

Data can be consumed through multiple channels, which then can be used by you for analytics, data science, machine learning, or for storing it in your data lake.


Have a look around in our documentation, to see how to set up Stream Machine for your application. This documentation will give an overview of the following:

  1. Setup required resources

  2. Prequisites for your application

  3. Producing data

  4. Consuming data


Can’t figure out how to setup Stream Machine for your application? Reach out to us! We’re happy to help you, and are always looking for ways to improve our documentation.


Please see our contact page for ways to reach out to us, whenever you’re facing an issue.


This documentation is open source, so if you spot an error, typo, or if you’re missing details, feel free to create a merge request.