In order to simplify sending correctly serialized data to STRM Privacy it is recommended to use generated source code that defines a class/object structure in a certain programming language, that knows (with help of some open-source libraries) how to serialize objects.

The result of a get schema-code is a zip file with some source code files for getting started with sending events in a certain programming language. Generally this will be code where you’ll have to do some sort of build step in order to make this fully operational in your development setting (using a JDK, a Python or a Node.js environment).


Get Source code for a certain schema.


strm get schema-code (schema) --language=(language)



handle/name/version of the schema



programming language. Currently python, java and typescript.


a file name to write the zip-file to.


boolean. Allow overwriting an existing zip file.

Dont forget to check strm get schema-code --help to see if new languages have been added.

See Global flags for all global flags.


strm get schema-code strmprivacy/demo/1.0.2 --language=python
Saved to python-avro-demo-1.0.2.zip