The global simulate command runs a simulation with random events against a given Source Stream, using the ClickStream schema.



the schema reference, defaults to strmprivacy/demo/1.0.2

The schema determines the shape of the simulated events. The cli simulator has a hardcoded reference between the schema and the used event contract to send with the events.

this should probably be defined via the event contract reference instead of the schema. Todo for a future release of the cli.


Run the simulation.


strm simulate random-events (stream-name) [flags].



The name of the Source Stream to send events to.



OAuth2 client credentials


OAuth2 client credentials


Consent level combinations to be simulated (default [none,0,0/1,0/1/2,0/1/2/3]).


Interval in ms. between simulated events (default 1000).


Don’t spam stderr with progress output.


Prefix string for sessions (default "session"). Changing this will generate a new encryption keys set on the engine. Otherwise existing keys will be reused if it has been less than 24 hours since their creation.


Number of different sessions being generated (default 1000).

See Global flags for all global flags.

Client id and secret are optional flags provided the stream has been created with the --save flag. In that case ~/.config/strmprivacy/saved-entities/Stream/<stream-name>.json will hold the necessary credentials, and the cli will use these.