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STRM Privacy concepts

Core concepts

Core concepts, what is STRM Privacy, what problems are we solving?

Batch vs Stream processing

What is batch processing and stream processing and how dow we support both approaches?

Batch Job Concepts

What is an STRM Batch Job?

Schemas and Contracts

The essence of well-defined GDPR-compliant event data.

the strmMeta section

Each event schema has a STRM Privacy specific section in it. This page describes the why, what and how.

Masked Fields

Masking field values so their plain text value is never visible. Useful for sharing data with third parties, and to prevent sensitive values from being visible within the company.

Simple Schemas

Simple Schemas are an STRM Privacy specific format that can be used if you don’t need to use all the complexities of Avro schemas. A Simple Schema is translated to Avro upon creation, and that Avro schema is used in the engine.

Customer Cloud Deployments

In a Customer Cloud Deployment (CCD), all event processing takes place in a Kubernetes cluster specified by the customer.