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Authentication via the CLI

The STRM Privacy CLI is a command line interface for interacting with it. You can find its source code and binary at


The STRM Privacy Web Console currently provides only limited functionality. You will need to use the CLI.

The CLI is little more than a thin interface to the STRM Privacy gRPC interface.

Logging in

First create an account at and use the login to the CLI. You’ll be redirected to your browser to complete the login flow.

$ strm auth login
Follow the login flow in your browser, which is opened automatically. If not, open the following URL to complete the login:

You are now logged in as [].

This creates a file that contains a valid OAuth2.0 id and refresh token, in the application configuration directory 1.

You can use strm auth print-access-token to get the access token, which will be refreshed is necessary. The billingId is not shown anymore since version 1.9.0 of the CLI when printing the access token, but can still be found with each reference to a stream (i.e. strm get stream my-stream --output json will show the billingId as a part of the stream reference). The billingId is required when using

the client drivers.

$ strm auth print-access-token

  1. ~/.config/strmprivacy