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Supported Databases


Prepare the storage

Via STRM Privacy

If you're running a Batch job via STRM Privacy's own data plane the first thing you should to is to white list the following url ( to make it possible for STRM Privacy to connect to your database.

Customer Cloud Deployment

If you're running a CCD you will need to provide permission to let the Batch Job Runner connect to your database.

Create the data connector

A Database Data Connector can be created with the following command, using the

strm create data-connector jdbc my-jdbc "<JDBC-URL>"

An example of the Jdbc Url can be found below:

"ref": {
"name": "my-jdbc",
"projectId": "30fcd008-9696-...."
"jdbcLocation": {
"uri": "jdbc:postgresql://",
"databaseType": "POSTGRES"

This will create a data connector named my-jdbc for the database at uri postgres://example:5432/test.