Managing streams with the Command Line Interface

How to create, list and delete input streams and derived streams.

Using the web-socket endpoint

A web-socket endpoint where you can see a json version of your events.

Sending events by hand

The low level details of interacting with STRM Privacy, without any Stream Machine specific software.

Examples in multiple programming languages

Quick getting started examples. If you have the software environment set up, you should be sending simulated events in a minute.

Consuming from Kafka

Realtime exporting to a Kafka cluster, and a consumer in Python.

Exporting to AWS S3

How to export batches of events to an AWS S3 bucket.

Exporting encryption keys

How to export the generated STRM Privacy encryption keys. Also shows some interaction with a Google Cloud bucket.


Public interaction with STRM Privacy is via a grpc definition. You don’t need our tools to interact with it.

Simple Schemas

This hands-on session shows how to define your own schema and how to send data with the Python driver and generated code.