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strm list data-subjects

List a page of data subjects


Query the Data Subjects service for a list of data-subjects.

Returns paginated data. If one page of data has following pages, its next_page_token field must be added to the following call via the page-token flag.


strm list data-subjects [flags]


  -h, --help                help for data-subjects
-o, --output string output format [plain, plain0, json, json-raw] (default "plain")
--page-size int32 maximum number of items to be returned
--page-token string page token to be entered for next page.
Use the nextPageToken (if any) returned from the previous call

Options inherited from parent commands

      --api-auth-url string   user authentication host (default "")
--api-host string api host and port (default "")
-p, --project string project to use (defaults to context-configured project)
-r, --recursive Retrieve entities and their dependents
--token-file string token file that contains an access token (default is $HOME/.config/strmprivacy/credentials-<api-auth-url>.json)