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strm simulate random-events

Run a simulator that will send random events to a stream


The global simulate command runs a simulation with random events against a given Source Stream, using the ClickStream schema.


strm simulate random-events [stream-name] [flags]


      --events-api-url string   endpoint to send events to (default "")
-h, --help help for random-events
--interval int interval in ms. between simulated events (default 1000)
--purposes strings purpose consent to be simulated (default [,0,0/1,0/1/2,0/1/2/3])
--quiet do not print to stderr
--session-prefix string prefix string for sessions (default "session")
--session-range int number of different sessions being generated (default 1000)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --api-auth-url string   user authentication host (default "")
--api-host string api host and port (default "")
-o, --output string output format [json, json-raw, table, plain] (default "table")
-p, --project string project to use (defaults to context-configured project)
--schema string Which schema to use for creating simulated events (default "strmprivacy/example/1.5.0")
--token-file string token file that contains an access token (default is $HOME/.config/strmprivacy/credentials-<api-auth-url>.json)


  • strm simulate - Send simulated events with a predefined demo schema (not for production purposes)