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Data Connectors

Before data can be read and written to various data locations, you'll need to configure Data Connectors. Data connectors are a generic mechanism to interact with cloud storage. Currently, the following Data Connectors are supported:

Managing Data Connectors

If you have created multiple Data Connectors, they can be listed with the following CLI command:

$ strm list data-connectors -o json{  "dataConnectors": [    {      "ref": { "name": "my-s3", "projectId": "30fcd008-9696-...." },      "s3Bucket": { "bucketName": "strmprivacy-export-demo" }    },    {      "ref": { "name": "my-gcs", "projectId": "30fcd008-9696-...." },      "googleCloudStorageBucket": { "bucketName": "strmprivacy-export-demo" }    },    {      "ref": { "name": "azure", "projectId": "30fcd008-9696-...." },      "azureBlobStorageContainer": { "storageAccountUri": "",          "containerName": "strmprivacy-export-demo" }    }  ]}

Not seeing the required Data Connector for your cloud? Please contact us and let us know what Data Connector you are missing.